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At Gerrand you can be sure you are dealing with New Zealand's leading carpet suppliers.

From entry level to premium carpets our experienced team are here to guide you to find the carpet and flooring that creates the look you want and best suits your needs. Pop into our showroom or book an in-store consultation here to experience one of the largest range of carpets in the Bay. 


Choosing Gerrand Floorings for your flooring project means you will have access to the best carpet products and warranties from the outset. In our showroom you will be able to touch and feel soft and luxurious 100% wool carpets, solution dyed nylon carpets with their incredible fade resistant, fade proof and serviceability features and of course the latest in fibre technologies and sustainable options too. 


With so many choices selecting carpet or flooring for your flooring project can feel overwhelming. At Gerrand Floorings our experienced team take care to guide you through the options ensuring you make an informed choice choosing the best carpet solution for your flooring project. 

When choosing carpet for your home you will need to consider: colour, style/texture, fibre choice, environmental credentials and price. Secondary considerations such as warranty and country of origin can also have an influence.  


Start with the flooring


Choosing your carpet is one of the most critical interior finish decisions you will make. As one of the largest areas in your home it’s the perfect place to start when deciding on your interior design scheme and our experienced and knowledgable team can guide you to finding the perfect solution to add style, warmth and comfort to your home while ensuring you achieve the look you want.


Read on to find out more about how to choose your carpet colour, the right style & texture for your household and what you need to know when making your fibre choice. 

Choosing a colour to work with your interior design scheme

We have the largest showroom in Tauranga/Mount Maunganui and surrounds with an extensive colour selection to ensure we can find the perfect match to enhance your interior design dreams. From entry level carpets to custom dyed the world is your oyster so to speak! The floor is your second largest space within your home next to the walls so when choosing a colour it is important to think about the mood you are trying to create within a room as well as the practical aspects of use. Here's a great video from Cavalier Bremworth and interior designer Ursula Vlasic on choosing colour for your carpet.

Choosing a carpet style/texture to suit your needs and achieve the look you want

Knowing your cut pile from your loop pile to your sisals can be tricky to begin with so we suggest you take a look at this visual guide from Godfrey Hirst which explains each carpet style. Of course we would love to show you personally so if you would prefer to touch and feel the products contact us here to make an appointment that suits you!

Wool or Man made?

The appearance, longevity and comfort of your carpet are largely determined by the fibre type you choose. Both wool and man made products are produced to meet industry standards and have equally deserving benefits across many aspects of their performance and expected lifetime - so it's important to identify any potential issues your family might have to consider such as harsh UV light in a particular room or allergy sufferers with your family. This means we can help guide you when comparing man made and wool options. Wool is the ultimate in luxurious comfort and provides a sensory experience - there's nothing quite like digging your toes into a soft plush wool carpet! However some Solution dyed nylons are built for endurance and may be a better choice for a busy family home.

Understanding the cost and carpet rating process.

Carpet is still traditionally one of the most economical forms of floor coverings on a square metre basis because it's a product that primarily is installed directly over underlay and the sub-floor surface, where most other forms of floor coverings have labour and product requirements to prepare the sub-floor surface to receive the installed product, such as vinyls for example. When looking at the price of carpets, these are usually detailed as a lineal metre price. A lineal metre is 3.66m wide (12 ft old school) or some of the newer nylons are produced on a 4.0m wide loom. You should only use these prices as a guide only - what is the most important is the "on the floor" cost including a good underlay and installation. Carpets are rated domestic and commercial (and sometimes both). Domestically in NZ carpets are generally heavy duty rated (about a 5-7 year life) and extra heavy duty rated (about a 10-15+ year life). If you have stairs in your home, also check the carpet you are looking at is stair-rated. A good carpet will give you years and years of service. A good underlay and installation using correct methods are important aspects to this too - even more reason to put your trust in Gerrand Floorings when making your carpet and flooring decisions. Talk with our team today.



Choosing a carpet

Learn more about Cavalier Bremworth

With a history spanning over 50 years, they offer the widest range of residential and commercial broadloom wool carpets, all carrying accreditation from Environmental Choice New Zealand. More than 90 percent of Cavalier Bremworth residential carpets are graded extra heavy duty, providing a significant point of difference in terms of quality and durability from others in the market. Cavalier Bremworth design and make their carpets entirely in New Zealand using the finest New Zealand pure wool. More than half of their carpet production is exported to Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. The company operates a network of sales offices in New Zealand and across Australia.

Because quality is at the very heart of what they do, they buy the wool directly from New Zealand farmers, scour, dye and spin the yarn in their own plants and make the carpet at their Auckland tufting plant. Cavalier Bremworth have recently been named Most Trusted Carpet Brand for the second year running by the Readers Digest Trusted Brands Survey. For the past 14 years, the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey has investigated which brands in New Zealand have the best reputation among consumers – and why. The 14th Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey has once again identified the products and services New Zealanders depend on to enrich their lives. To find out more about Cavalier Bremworth and the Bremworth Collection visit their website here

Call us on 0800 437 7263, book an appointment by emailing us here or pop into our showroom to

view these ranges.

Cavalier Bremworth


Godfrey Hirst & Feltex Carpets

Feltex Carpets

Established over 70 years ago, Feltex Carpets has built a reputation for being one of New Zealand’s leading carpet manufacturers, through consistently providing consumers with innovative, high quality and stylish floor covering solutions. The privately owned Feltex operation includes spinning mills, dye houses, design studios, carpet manufacturing mills and offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Feltex offer a wide range of domestic and commercial carpets.Find out more about Feltex Carpets here

Godfrey Hirst

Recognised as one of the top carpet manufacturers in the world, the Godfrey Hirst Group has spinning mills, dye houses, design studios and manufacturing plants in New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America. The utilisation of world class technologies in continuous dyeing and high resolution printing facilities; comprehensive yarn extrusion and twisting methods; state-of-the-art tufting equipment and finishing lines means the Godfrey Hirst Group produces innovative broadloom carpets and carpet tiles which are manufactured to the highest standard. To find out more about Godfrey Hirst visit their website here

Call us on 0800 437 7263, book an appointment by emailing us here or pop into our showroom to view these ranges

We carry a leading range of Carpet brands :


Overlocking and binding

Gerrand Floorings have our own in house overlocking service. Corners are slightly rounded as this gives a better appearance on the floor and restricts the curling of corners.  Simply bring your carpet pieces in store with the required sizes. 

Also available is carpet binding in linen, jute or leather with square or mitered corners and a bind from 50mm to 90mm wide – ask us about pricing for this custom feature.

Garage Carpet

Once you've had it, you'll never have a house without it.... Gerrand Floorings recommend a polypropylene needle punch product that won't rot and is extremely hard wearing. 

Garage Carpet gives you an extra play or work space in your home, reduces the amount of travelling dust and if you have internal access, surprisingly keeps the rest of your home warmer. Feedback from clients confirms the added value of garage carpeting when selling or reselling a home.

Gerrand Floorings finish their garage carpet installs with a premium cast nosing edge strip giving a stylish and complete finish to the install.



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