BUILDERs showhomes

This premium residential subdivision, eight minutes from Tauranga CBD, offering a quality lifestyle for you and your family.

If you are visiting The Lakes then make sure you pop on in and visit one of our Builders showhomes. You will see a range of our carpet and hard flooring throughout these homes. 

Thorne Group Showhome - 59 Te Ranga Drive, The Lakes, Pyes Pa, Tauranga

Cavalier Bremworth | Samurai

Featured in the lounge of the showhome - Samurai is a 100% wool carpet. Skilfully crafted this chunky loop carpet has a unique structure and a beautiful finish that provides luxurious layering and protection as an armour. Made in New Zealand

Cavalier Bremorth | Siren Ena

Siren is created with a 100% regenerated fibre made entirely from recycled synthetics, including fishing nets recovered from oceans around the world. It's resilient, easy to clean and holds its colour beautifully.