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You name it - there's a solution for your needs and the range of products also extend to carpet tiles, garage carpet, rubber tiles, stairnosings, entryzone matting, custom carpets, anti-static, anti-allergenic, wetroom systems 

Cork Flooring - find out more

Warm, Natural and Versatile with natural or coloured options in traditional size tiles, new modern flagstone size tiles and plank form. Cork offers the ultimate combination of warmth, luxurious colour and the traditional durability and acoustic features.

Cork floor tiles are a natural product. The cork oak tree grows in Portugal where it is stripped every 9 years for the manufacture of wine stoppers. Cork floor tiles are made from the cork which is left from this production.
Cork now comes as a prefinished product and followed by only one final coat of polyurethane to give a consistent finish - no more being away from your home for days on end. Sizes available are traditional 305 x 305, new modern flagstone 450 x 450 and the latest in a plank look. Cork is no longer also restricted to a natural style with many modern colours available, or, if a colour is not working for you - you can custom order any Resene or Alto colour. Cork is resilient (soft underfoot) yet extremely durable. A cork floor will give you many years of wear. Cork is the best natural insulator known. It will keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Cork is a fantastic option for any room in the house from bathrooms through to kitchens and living areas. It is especially good in bedrooms as it harbours no dust mites or pollen which create allergies. Cork is also a wonderful sound insulator, preventing noise transference between floors. It is quiet to walk on, so is ideal for playrooms, classrooms, retirement homes, libraries and art galleries. Coloured cork is modern and versatile. Create your own designer floors. Laid and finished in one day. Gerrand Floorings showcase and install this premium 6mm high-density and bevel-edged Cortica cork from Cork Supplies.

Carpet Tiles - find out more

Horrible throwback memories from the 70's?? Ahh, no, carpet tiles have matured and become a serious market leader in the commercial sector - the product of choice by many architects and specifiers, some of the benefits of using carpet tiles over broadloom carpet are: 1. Less disruption as installation teams do not require big open spaces to roll out and install carpet 3.66m wide - in a renovation of a business space this means just moving spaces at a time, as opposed to whole rooms and with new installs it allows others to follow close behind if necessary for fitting out. 2. Easily able to rectify any damage, spills or problems with the replacement of just the affected tiles if required. With a broadloom carpet you are left with the options of patching or uplifting and replacing an entire run. 3. Tiles can be picked up and taken to another space if required - generally broadloom carpet is direct stuck to the sub-floor in commercial installations, or double direct stuck over a commercial underlay. Also for this reason as tiles are not a fixed asset there are financial benefits that your accountant can explain. 4. Perfect for commercial or office spaces where internal changes such as room dividers are made often - allows flexibility in this area. 5. Flexibility also with design, colour and style - allows mix and matching with ease. Carpet Tiles still come in a range of prices and qualities. A Gerrand Floorings specialist can talk you through the options available. Many NZ suppliers also carry stock that allows a better price point than product that requires air or sea freighting.


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