Better Than A Lucky Dip! Winners Announced!

No pun intended there for our wooly friends but we are a bit excited to tell you we we think Gerrand Floorings just might be New Zealand’s luckiest flooring store! Now, now before you stop reading let’s tell you why we’re feeling so lucky, lucky, lucky.

Just before we announce what we mean specifically we do think we’re lucky for more than one reason.

Our wonderful team are extremely passionate about helping our customers with excellent flooring solutions. That’s very lucky we think.

We’re very lucky to have awesome clients who trust us with their flooring needs. From our smaller clients to our largest clients - thanks for choosing us. We’re a local, family owned business and looking after our local community is important to us.

And now on to what else is making us feel as if our store has been hit with the lucky stick is because during September and October any customer who bought either a Feltex or Godfrey Hirst product went in the draw to win an Apple Watch from The Flooring Foundation.

Drum roll please ….

Out of 80 possible watches around the whole of New Zealand, 11 of our customers won a watch! That’s 11 new Apple Watches walking around the Bay today. Described by Apple itself as “the ultimate device for a healthier life” this is one of the must-haves for 2017/2018 and we’re stoked that 11 of our customers have received one.

How cool is that time it could be your turn!

One of our very happy Apple Watch winners John Richardson with his brand new Apple Watch next to Hook River carpet by Feltex instore and about to be installed to his home.