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At Gerrand Floorings you have access to the best selection of vinyl brands & products from the outset. 

We have designer and sheet vinyls from around the world with one of the largest ranges of samples on hand to gain a realistic vision of your flooring choice. 

Sheet and Designer Vinyls are one of the unsung achievers in the floorcoverings industry. Through European design advances made with products, styles and textures in recent years - today your vinyl flooring can represent anything from a timber look through to mosaic, polished concrete, leather look and so much more.

What are designer vinyls

Designer Vinyls are now available in Woodplank and Tile form, replicating the real thing without the cost of a timber or tile and with all the low maintenance benefits of a vinyl product. These designer vinyls are available in both domestic and commercial vinyls.s in New Zealand have the best reputation among consumers – and why.

What are sheet vinyls

In a sheet vinyl form, the 2-metre wide products are the most popular and common width available in New Zealand. The majority of domestic vinyls come with additional features or benefits of some description, such as anti-slip or advanced finishes for ease of cleaning. Here at Gerrand Floorings we always carry a wide range of 2-metre wide domestic vinyls in our stock range available at $69 per lineal metre (or $25 per square metre) - being able to purchase these as stock rolls makes this available at a good price point - these products usually always retail for much, much more than the stock price available.

Commercial vinyls

Commercial Vinyls come in a range of grades and the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is absolutely 100% true with a commercial product - a low maintenance commercial product may have a higher initial investment but over its lifetime will be a better investment as the cost to maintain it commercially is far lower than a product that has had a more economical initial cost. Whether choosing for a commercial or domestic project, vinyl flooring has a number of benefits including low maintenance, durability, economy, bacteria fighting and style versatility. But just like any other flooring choice, there are some considerations to think about to determine if it's the right material for your situation.

Consider your family situation, room choice and anticipated traffic levels.

Are you looking to use vinyl in a bathroom or a heavily used kitchen? Do you have children or any pets? The type of vinyl floor you choose will be guided by your answers to these questions.

What are your expectations for a vinyl floor?

Do you want an inexpensive low-maintenance floor with a quick and easy installation or a more decorative, durable and long-lasting floor? Consider the technical details of the various vinyl products such as overall thickness, the type and thickness of the wear layer and the warranty coverage. Are you looking for an eco-friendly vinyl? With vinyl advancements in production there are options available.

Robert Malcolm


Find out more about Robert Malcom Limited

Robert Malcolm Ltd supply a large array of products for Residential Hard Flooring, Residential Carpets and Commercial Flooring. RML Luxury Vinyl Planking is made up of three primary layers. On top is a protective wear layer made of an enhanced urethane that makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs. There is also a protective clear film layer that adds durability and helps protect against rips, tears and gouges. On the printed design layer, the visuals are very realistic natural wood planks. The bottom-most layer is the tile backing, adding structural strength and durability. Luxury Vinyl Planking accurately represents real hardwood colours and textures for beauty in a vinyl product. Luxury Vinyl Planking comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, featuring beveled edges and ends. Luxury Vinyl Planking brings you superior performance. It’s waterproof and is easy to install on any level in your home. Check out the Robert Malcom range here



Find out more about Polyflor

Established in New Zealand and Australia in 1963, Polyflor specialises in vinyl flooring suitable for a wide variety of commercial and residential installations.​ Polyflor strive to be an environmentally and economically sustainable business, recycling and reducing waste and being as carbon neutral as possible. Their new product development continues to focus on reducing environmental impact by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and safe disposal. ​ They have a diverse range of luxury vinyl tiles and planks as well as domestic and commercial sheet vinyl flooring options. Check out their extensive ranges here

Karndean Flooring


Find out more about Karndean

With Karndean Design Flooring you can create a space perfect for your style
Karndean are the leading specialist in design flooring and were established in the UK some 40+ years ago. Their product range reflects their passion for texture, appearance and quality. Their Wooden effect planks that are quiet underfoot, the elegant antique ceramic tiles that never crack and intricate mosaic designs that always feel warm. With unrivalled market knowledge and backed by a continual program of research and development Karndean Floorings are both affordable and versatile, there is a huge spectrum of colours, sizes and patterns to choose from, which will ensure that you will find that unique floor perfect for your home. Karndean have some amazing tools and idea boards for inspiring you by room, colour or texture. Combining texture and colour tone, Karndean International have recreated the timeless elegance and authentic appearance of natural materials such as slate, marble and timber in a range of vinyl tile and vinyl plank products. If you are looking for inspiration or want to see what your room could look like you can explore their website by room here or by style here. Their wood plank vinyl features all the intricate details and unique characteristics you’d expect to see in traditional wood flooring, and their planks are carefully designed for authenticity. Colours are defined with variable shades and tones, just as they are in natural wood. To check out their wood plank vinyls click here Offering a wide choice of realistic natural stone effect designs, from modern slate look tiles to intricate limestone, natural stone surfaces can add instant appeal in any living space. Click on the images in the gallery above to view product information and request free samples. To check out their stone look vinyls click here

Godfrey Hirst 


Find out more about Godfrey Hirst | Designer Vinyl Plank

Elegantly designed and expertly constructed, Godfrey Hirst Luxury Vinyl Plank redefines vinyl flooring for the modern home with an exceptionally realistic timber finish. Flexible, durable and extremely water-resistant, Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Plank floors can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Featuring a durable top layer to resist scratching and general wear in high traffic areas of your home, Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Plank floors are also comfortable and quiet. Check out more about the Godfrey Hirst vinyl plank options here

Find out more about Godfrey Hirst | Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring from Godfrey First Flooring is the next generation in high performance flooring. With the visual appeal of timber and the combined attributes of laminate and vinyl Hybrid Flooring uses Trigon(R) Core Technology which provides your home or commercial space with peace of mind. Hybrid Flooring is 100% waterproof - perfect for any interior space, from kitchens, bathrooms to laundries. It’s resilience is second to none withstanding the heaviest foot traffic and the harsh NZ climate (even north facing windows) at home or in commercial areas. Find out more about Hybrid here

Find out more about Belgotex Sheet Vinyl

The old days of lino are well and truly gone. If smooth, fashionable surfaces, convenience and non slip flooring are important to you, then Belgotex residential vinyl sheet flooring ranges are the ideal solution. Water resistant, allergy-free properties, insulating with a soft comfortable feel underfoot, vinyl floors are a practical, hygienic solution for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries or even living areas. Vinyl sheet flooring is recommended for young families or frantic professionals with no time to waste. It is available in a variety of modern styles and finishes, as well as scratch proof and non slip flooring options. Check out Belgotex designer sheet vinyls here

Find out more about Belgotex luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl planks combine the natural look of real wood flooring, with a warm feel underfoot and durability that is resistant to indentations. Belgotex vinyl floor planks are perfect for dining areas, hallways, lounges and even slick, sophisticated bedrooms. The smooth, sleek surface of premium vinyl planks is water resistant and easy to clean, giving you luxury, without the labour! Luxury vinyl floor planks are an attractive and affordable alternative to hard flooring like ceramic tiles – they absorb sound better and are warmer.
Check out Belgotex selection of vinyl planks here

Fnd out more about Belgotex premium performance vinyl tiles

Vinyl flooring tiles range that combines stunning looks with outstanding performance. This elegant range of luxury vinyl tiles is inspired by nature’s most popular and striking stones. Whether you choose cool tones or something warm and comforting, our collection of vinyl floor tiles will help to add that touch of sophistication. Luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for dining areas, hallways, lounges and even slick, sophisticated bedrooms. The smooth, sleek surface of luxury vinyl flooring tiles is durable, water resistant and easy to clean. An attractive and affordable alternative to hard flooring like ceramic tiles – our range of vinyl floor tiles absorb sound much better, are significantly warmer underfoot and resist indentations. Check out Belgotex vinyl tile range here

Belgotex International


Find out more about Project Floors

The Smart Collection Planks & Tiles ensure a homely atmosphere with limitless options to personalise your interior design. The Smart Collection Planks are extremely hard wearing and durable, perfect for high use areas in the living rooms and hallways.​ Say Bye Bye Bacteria. The Smart Collection of planks and tiles kills 99% of bacteria on your floor, with world leading anti-microbial technology called Ultra-Fresh. Breathe Easy with the first flooring range to carry the Eurofins GOLD Indoor Air Quality Seal. It's strong, durable and comes with a Lifetime Residential Wear Warranty. Plus its fully recyclable and is made of 100% PVC with no fillers!​ Check out the smart plank collection here / Check out the smart tile collection here . Looking for commercial vinyl flooring? Check out project floors range here.

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