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Meet the Thorne Group interior design team

Together Annique Heesen of Gezellig Interiors and Lisa Buck the Marketing and Interior design guru at Thorne Group have worked on a number of projects with the latest being the new Thorne Group show home. The home was designed by Thorne Group Architecture and built by Thorne Group. The Thorne Group is renowned for their architectural designs, market leading interiors and superior quality, and once again their latest show home at the Lakes does not disappoint. 

We took five to find out what inspired their latest choices and what they chose for their flooring and why...

Lisa Buck - Thorne Group (left) and Annique Heesen - Gezellig Interiors (Right)

What was your design inspiration behind your interior decorating choices in the show home?

We wanted to do something that was bold and pushed the boundaries a little bit, whilst still being warm and welcoming, we looked to a lot of Parisian and European design influences.

What do you love most about the new show home?

It feels really homely and sophisticated while still being quite bold In its form, we love that the exterior is neutral and soft whilst the interior is slightly more serious.

Flooring supplied and installed by Gerrand Floorings

Top three design picks from the show home?

  1. The floor to ceiling steel and reeded glass door has to be a favourite, it was a risk but one that paid off!

  2. The gorgeous Callacata gold marble backsplash 

  3. The warmth the cedar spine wall brings to the living and dining 

What flooring choices did you choose and why?

We chose Cavalier Bremworth's 100% wool carpet Samurai in the colour Kawa. This carpet was chosen for the lounge space as a showcase statement of tranquility. Samurai has a chunky loop which offers a luxurious texture underfoot.

Siren Ena again by Cavalier Bremworth. This is a really amazing product made entirely from recycled plastics including fishing nets recovered from the oceans. Siren Ena was selected for all other areas of the home for softness underfoot combined with performance benefits of this product and suited to busy family living.

We wanted to choose sustainable products that had texture and warmth and reflected the quality of the home.

What help or advice did you experience from the team at Gerrand….

The team at Gerrand are always thinking ahead and know what's coming in. They help us balance aesthetic with practicality. They listen to what we are wanting to achieve and work to ensure what they specify suits the floor plan and style of the house.

The new Thorne Group show home has opened at 59 Te Ranga Memorial Drive, The Lakes. Open Thursday and Friday from 12pm - 3pm and Sunday from 1pm - 3pm. Please check their website for details as viewing times can change.

Flooring in this home:

Cavalier Bremworth - Samurai in the colour Kawa

Samurai is a 100% wool skilfully crafted chunky loop carpet of unique structure and a beautiful finish that provides luxurious layering and protection as an armour. Made in New Zealand. Available in 9 colours.

Find out more here

Cavalier Bremworth - Siren Ena in the colour Athens

Siren Ena is created with a 100% regenerated fibre made entirely from recycled synthetics, including fishing nets recovered from oceans around the world. It's resilient, easy to clean and holds its colour beautifully. Available in 8 colours.

Find out more here

Timber Flooring specified, provided and installed by Gerrand Floorings.

14mm Pre-finished and engineered timber from the Gerrand stable of timber products and choices – this timber floor has a matt lacquer finish.


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