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Celebrating adventure | Sailor Galley & Rum Bar

Welcoming the newest gem to arrive on the Mount Maunganui Mainstreet - Sailor Galley & Rum Bar. Inspired by travel journeys from around the globe, Sailor showcases a world of premium rum and exquisite cocktails alongside a global culinary exploration, featuring fresh seafood catches to savoury land-based delights.

Our team were involved in the fit out providing and installing the main dining and bar space timber flooring and ensuring the service spaces have the practical and hardy vinyl flooring required to take the teams busy workload.

In the restaurant and bar Godfrey Hirst Timber Flooring: Oak Elegance in colour Coffee. This stunning engineered timber floor highlights the authentic texture and grain of real French Oak. The unique pattern features of each board are accentuated by the subtle micro bevelled edge, and finished with a light brush to bring charm and warmth to your floor.The perfect choice for an eatery as the flooring absorbs sound but is also ideal for heavy foot traffic, and very hard wearing.

Sailor is the brainchild of experienced hospitality couple, Kimberley and Matt Hayward, who have had two decades in the industry and own a couple of other successful establishments in Mount Maunganui. They aimed to evoke the Caribbean in a classy way while retaining that laid back feeling that personifies this beach community.

Kimberley sums up the Sailor Galley & Rum Bar vibe, “It celebrates the adventurous spirit of the sailor, bringing together favourites from sea faring travels and expressing it in fine wines and daringly delicious dishes.”

So, cruise in and drop anchor here this season! And agree it’s an innovative addition to the vibrant dining scene along the Mount’s main street.

Be sure to check Sailor out here: Sailor Galley & Rum Bar


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