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The lowdown on Designer Vinyl Flooring

What are designer vinyls?

Designer Vinyls are now available in Woodplank and Tile form, replicating the real thing without the cost of a timber or tile and with all the low maintenance benefits of a vinyl product. These designer vinyls are available in both domestic and commercial vinyls.s in New Zealand have the best reputation among consumers – and why.

What are sheet vinyls?

In a sheet vinyl form, the 2-metre wide products are the most popular and common width available in New Zealand. The majority of domestic vinyls come with additional features or benefits of some description, such as anti-slip or advanced finishes for ease of cleaning.

Here at Gerrand Floorings we always carry a wide range of 2-metre wide domestic vinyls in our stock range available at $69 per lineal metre (or $25 per square metre) - being able to purchase these as stock rolls makes this available at a good price point - these products usually always retail for much, much more than the stock price available.

Commercial Vinyls

Commercial Vinyls come in a range of grades and the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is absolutely 100% true with a commercial product - a low maintenance commercial product may have a higher initial investment but over its lifetime will be a better investment as the cost to maintain it commercially is far lower than a product that has had a more economical initial cost.

Whether choosing for a commercial or domestic project, vinyl flooring has a number of benefits including low maintenance, durability, economy, bacteria fighting and style versatility. But just like any other flooring choice, there are some considerations to think about to determine if it's the right material for your situation.

Things to consider when choosing a vinyl floor

Consider your family situation, room choice and anticipated traffic levels.

Are you looking to use vinyl in a bathroom or a heavily used kitchen? Do you have children or any pets? The type of vinyl floor you choose will be guided by your answers to these questions.

What are your expectations for your vinyl floor?

Do you want an inexpensive low-maintenance floor with a quick and easy installation or a more decorative, durable and long-lasting floor? Consider the technical details of the various vinyl products such as overall thickness, the type and thickness of the wear layer and the warranty coverage. Are you looking for an eco-friendly vinyl? With vinyl advancements in production there are options available.


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