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Types of Timber Flooring | The Key Notes

Engineered Flooring

Easily the preferred option now over a solid Tongue & Groove product in regards to product stability, price and having the knowledge of already knowing what your floor is going to appear in its finished state. There is nothing more to do once your timber is installed than to sit back and enjoy it – no sanding, oiling or application of wax or polyurethane.

Engineered timbers come in a variety of thicknesses, plank lengths and widths. In most cases you can have the option of either a direct stick install or a floating method install over underlay but it is important you fully discuss these with a specialist to ensure you are aware of the features and benefits of both options.

Modern Engineered Timbers cover the whole spectrum of natural looking species right through to deep dark stains and light washes in lime, champagne and vanilla.

Solid Timber Flooring

Solid wood timber floors are now less common with the advancement in engineered products but generally the preference of those preferring a native or natural species. For that reason solid T&G timbers are generally known to be the most costly per m2 compared to engineered options.

Gerrand Floorings have strong relationships with many solid timber sources allowing them to obtain the best product for client’s needs and requirements.

Other need to know notes;

1. Subfloor Moisture - If you are building a new home and your substrate is concrete you may need to make allowance for treatment to the slab for relative humidity moisture prior to installation of your timber unless you wish to wait the many months for your slab to be within requirements. Gerrand Floorings handle this whole process for you.

2. Install by the floating method and underlay– just like the quality of timbers there is also more than one quality of floating install underlay – some provide more protection against noise transference – be sure to understand all the options available to you.

3. Stairs and Nosings – some engineered timber manufacturers have exact matching stairnosings and some don’t. For those that don’t we work with you on your preference for aluminium or powder coated stairnosings. If you have a strong personal preference for an exact matching stairnosing or not, this may help to decide which engineered timber or bamboo products might best meet your needs.


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